About Blackhawk

Blackhawk Industrial Solutions Inc. is a First Nations owned company incorporated in Alberta to provide services such as technical non-destructive testing, project management, data control, and quality control. Our industry focus is primarily the oil and gas industry, however we are also well placed to provide services to other fields such as industrial construction, maintenance work on bridges, and structural construction.

Blackhawk identified the need to incorporated First Nations in the construction projects in their regions, and we work with various First Nations companies and peoples, in all aspects of the business. We offer training in Leduc and on site, to educate and mentor first nation’s people to be able to work on construction, repair, and replacement projects. This innovative strategy not only helps bring employment to this area, but also provides an efficient and viable way to ensure fully trained personnel in remote areas.

Blackhawk is 100% first Nations owned, which facilitates our ability to secure and maintain alliance with the First Nations bands where the work is being conducted and provide opportunities for band individuals to participate in the work being conducted on first nation lands. Lasting partnerships working together for efficient, timely, quality services.


First Nations Owned – Testing, Quality, Education